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Strange and .....

Working as a server has it's good times, such as when a customer
tells you they had a great time and will be back again, and then their
are times that make you want to take a pen and poke yourself directly in
the left eye (or the right eye if that is your preference). Mostly
though it can be a lot of fun, you meet a lot of interesting people and work
with a great team. Today was an odd day though, one that didn't fit into a good or bad day. Even
though my customers were nice people, and everyone that was working was
competent, somehow I managed to feel as though I was out of place.

I had one table out of seven that I felt enjoyed themselves, all my
other tables seemed to think I was either attempting to force them into
buying the most expensive item on the menu, or was possibly going to
snap and attack them with a steak knife. Just an odd experience overall.

And my story ends here, not sure where I wanted to go with this, so I'll just leave the rest of this post for another day.