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As I wrote previously, I have become addicted to I think it is a great service. It not only lets you see your listening habits through a ton of statistics, but the music recommendations are almost scary. I recently updated a friend’s media player using my computer. I just selected Modest Mouse (his favorite band), chose the first recommendation (The New Pornographers), and tossed it on his player. He actually mentioned the band as the one he really liked. They truly have something going on in the recommendations department.
However, there is a problem with You cannot submit tracks manually, which is kind of a problem for some people. I have listened to Kill Hannah's CD three or four times in the last week and that does not show up in my listener history. As far as I can tell, there is no application out there that will allow you to do this easily. There are a few, lastfmsubmitd comes with a couple utilities, but neither is very friendly.
I can understand why does not have a readily available client for this; it would be easy for spammers to abuse. Luckily, I have some coding chops, and went ahead and wrote a php script to do it for me. I even grabbed an available ID3 class so all I have to do is point it at the song on my server and it submits it for me. I am not 100% sure it's compliant with's user agreement, but for now I'll just try to avoid getting caught