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Small Enhancements

I'm a believer in autohotkey. I don't spend hours creating complex macros, but it's great for little things that you do day to day that may not have a keyboard shortcut. It can be used to solve so many usability problems its crazy. I wish more IT people realized its value and started using it within company IT departments.

This brings me to my point. The IT department at my company is horrible. They constantly tell users that they just need to deal with things, without offering even the simplest of solutions. The sad thing is that with just a little bit of effort, and by utilizing Autohotkey they could solve the majority of these problems. One of the issues that we have frequently is Acrobat Reader hanging. The exact cause of this is unknown, but the way we are told to fix it is to kill it using task manager. Our help desk teaches users to press ctrl-alt-del, choose task manager, find Acrordr32.exe and click end process.

Isn't the point of a help desk to make your employees or customers lives easier. I was fed up with my co-workers getting frustrated and either restarting their computers or just dealing with the problem. Therefore, I just whipped up a simple script that does exactly that, it just looks forAcrordr32 .exe and ends the process. Simple? Yes. Easy? Yes. Best Solution? No. However, since our IT department cannot solve the problem, I am happy to save my co-workers four clicks.