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Excitement and All That

I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas and wasn't exactly sure how to use it. At first I was going to get a receiver for my car, but with my new position I get a company car so that seemed like a waste. So I started thinking about the things I really want and started leaning towards a widescreen LCD. I browsed Amazon for a few weeks debating on which one to get.

What finally sealed the deal for me though was getting the other perk from my new job, a new laptop. This has a 15" wide screen monitor. It is amazing how much better browsing and working are on a wide screen. Even at 15" it's better than the 17" CRT I was using before. With that I went to Amazon and ordered this monitor, twenty-two inches of widescreen goodness, which didn't cost me a much after applying the gift certificate. I should be getting it on either Wednesday or Thursday, can't wait to get it setup. Photos and gushing to come.