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RSS Overload

Recently, I subscribed to Readburners's upcoming feed. Readburner aggregates the shared items on Google Reader and creates a feed based on the items shared most frequently. The first few days were great, I found some interesting posts and there weren't too many. Today was a completely different story, I checked it before I went to work and had around five items. I got to work and opened up Google Reader and suddenly I had 51 unread items on the ReadBurner feed. I hardly get 50 items a day from all my other feeds combined.

Well I unsubscribed from it immediatly. I love the idea of a feed of interesting items generated by users, and I really like the fact that it gave you the original feed item. This is much better than using Digg and having to click through to the Digg site and then on to the actual article. 51 items is just too many to parse through for me. I like to be able to get through all my feeds quickly and have no unread items. I might check ReadBurner out later and see if I can find a different feed to follow, but as of right now it's off my list.