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taco johns

No really, look at that sign, what do you think when you see that sign. I'm guessing you don't think about the most delicious taco you have ever had. In fact you may think greasy, mildly flavorful, decent food. But for some reason we continue to spend our money at this place. The thing that amazes me is that they haven't really updated their look in forever. The menu really doesn't change. Compared to their chief competitor, Taco Bell, they really don't spend anything on advertising. Unfortunately I couldn't find the stats to back this up, but considering the number of television ads you see for Taco Bell compared to Taco Johns it seems that this would be the case.

Yet I know if I ask my friends which of the two fast food taco places they prefer almost everyone of them will say Taco Johns. I guess it's proof that if you do the same thing and do it well you don't need to market yourself nearly as much.