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15 Things Every Computer User Should Know (#1)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn them for whatever system you are using, they can be a huge time saver. It's a lot quicker and more convenient to just press control and S to save your document instead of moving your mouse up to file, clicking and moving down to save. Learn the common shortcuts and amaze your friends and co-workers with the speed and efficiency you accomplish your tasks.

These keys should be pressed at the same time, I usually press and hold the control key and then press the corresponding letter, use it frequently and it will become second nature.

  • control and c - This is used to copy the selected text same as edit and then copy
  • control and v - Used to paste copied text, same as edit and then paste
  • control and s - used to save, use this frequently and you will never fear a power outage again
  • control and a - selects every thing on the screen, same as edit and then select all
  • control and p - Prints the current document same as file and then print
  • alt then tab - cycles through open windows and programs that are listed on the task bar

There are always more shortcuts to learn. Check out these links for even more.