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Tiny microSD Adapter

I was wondering through Target today and saw some micro sd cards on sale. At first I didn't think much of it, I don't really have a need for one, I don't use my phone for mp3's, and though Sansa could use a micro SD for expansion I don't really see the point 4GB is more then suffecient for me on a daily basis.

Then I noticed that in addition to the normal SD card adapters, the cards came with a tiny usb adapter which was hardly bigger than a fingernail. Now once again I don't need this for my phone, but could there be a better solution for storing Linux on a usb drive. I'm currently installing Fedora 9 on it and hope that my laptop is willing to boot from it, if not it will just be a nice replacement for my sony usb drive which is larger than my chapstick.

In case your curious it's manufactured by this company. The website is horrible though so don't expect any success navigating it.