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Best Buy's Odd Decision

I've never been a fan of Best Buy. Yes, I consider Minnesota my second home after Montana, but just because a company is native to MN doesn't mean I don't consider it somewhat evil. I do have to admit though, that Best Buy usually seems to know what they are doing. If nothing else choosing to sell Ubuntu score them a point or two less on the evil scale.

Still, even considering them evil, I hate seeing local companies do something incredibly dumb. Best Buy is opening a store in the Mall of America this week. Considering that the Mall is less than four miles from Best Buy's corporate headquarters, it surprised me they didn't already have a location there. They seem pretty excited about it, more marketing for a new store than you usually see from Best Buy. They open on Thursday(8/7), and are giving away some prizes to the first few guests. On Friday they are having a ribbon cutting ceremony. Seems like a good idea, it's going to be pretty crazy I'm sure. Oddly though, as a celebrity, they brought in Magic Johnson.

Now I would be pretty stoked myself if I got to meet Magic Johnson. Then again I grew up in Montana where basketball is pretty much the sport of choice for most school. In Minnesota, at least in my experience, the choice of sports is hockey, football, baseball, and basketball, in that order. I can say that nearly all my friends love hockey, spend the NFL season following the Vikes, and at least casually follow the Twins. Not one of them cares one bit about the Timberwolves.

So why would Best Buy bring in an out of town star who played the states least popular sport? It seems kind of pointless if you are trying to get people around the Metro excited about the store. Bring in Gordie Howe or Harmon Killebrew if you are trying get people excited.

Of course maybe they are not trying to get people excited, I'm sure they will be packed all weekend. It is the Mall of America, where you get trampled just walking of the restroom on weekends. If that is the case though, then why bother with a celebrity at all?