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Twins Back In First

Unfortunately, I did not watch last nights game. I did catch the final two innings on AM 1500, so I knew they won. I was quite surprised when I read the recap this morning that Adam Everett hit a home run. What is up with Everett as of late? Sunday he was hitting the ball all over the field, but committed a critical error that eventually cost the Twins the game. The Twins picked up Everett for his defense, almost got rid of him due to his liability on offense. Suddenly, he's doing the exact opposite. I'm not complaining though, if he can continue to hit the ball like this, we should be okay until Casilla returns to the lineup. Having Everette as a solid backup would be a nice addition to the infield where depth is not the Twins strong point.

Also I want to extend a big Thank You to Glen Perkins. You didn't have to come back and no one would have begrudged you staying home with your new daughter. Instead you come to the dome and pitch 8 shutout innings against a team you haven't pitched well against all year. Congratulations to you and your wife.