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The Garage: A Montana Eating Experience

When I was in Montana last week, my family and I went to The Garage in Bozeman, MT. No website, so you will just have to trust me when I say it exists. The Garage is a soup and burger joint located just off main street. Apparently it's usually busy, and on the night we went it wasn't full but it was busy for a Tuesday. There was plenty of patio seating which made the experience great, unfortunately the sun was directly in my eyes for the first 15 minutes or so, they did have some shade, but the sun was peaking through at first.

The first thing that stood out was the menus. The design itself wasn't phenomenal, but they came bound to state licenses plates. This is a great touch. Not overwhelming, but unique enough to be remember on a future hungry night.

Their food was pretty good. I had a burger that was topped with spinach, bacon, and swiss cheese. It was excellent, not as good as a Five Guys burger, but still excellent. The best part of the meal was their coleslaw. Normally I'm hesitant to order coleslaw, but decided to take the risk. It was well worth it, the coleslaw was cabbage, red onion, and I believe sesame seeds. The dressing was great, it was oil based and really tasty. My brother ordered the fries, and it they were pretty good, but nothing to crow about.

On great thing about Montana is most restaurants have a large beer selection. The Garage was no different, having a good selection of local and national brews to choose from. I opted for a Skinny Dip from the New Belgium brewery in Colorado and it went well with my meal.

Their soup selection appears to be what they are known for locally. Unfortunatly it was a hot day and I opted to skip the soup. They have a soup bar during the winter months and I hope to be able to return in December and give it a try.