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Tweetbar and Hahlo - The perfect Twitter setup

Sorry for writing another Twitter post, but it's currently my favorite application. I have been spending quite a bit of time trying to find the best Twitter client. As I run an AMD64 version of Ubuntu, many of the great Adobe Air client's are not available to me. And to be honest, the Twitter clients that are available for Linux just aren't that great.

I fought with Adobe Air for a while but finally gave up. Hopefully Adobe releases a 64bit version of Air soon because I would love to try out some of the apps on that platform. In the meantime I discovered a wonderful way to use Twitter in Firefox. I started using Hahlo last week. I also have Twitterbar installed in Firefox. Until today I was using Hahlo in a tab, but I realized today that this website was a perfect candidate for being loaded in the sidebar. How do you do this you may be asking. First add Hahlo as a bookmark. Then go to the bookmark and right click and choose properties. You will see an option on the bottom of the screen saying "Load this bookmark in the sidebar". Check that box, load the bookmark, and you have the result on the right.

Now Hahlo is great, it has a few small issues, but nothing major. For some reason whenever I start following someone in Hahlo device updates get turned on. But for following your twitter storylines it rocks. You can tweet in Hahlo but I don't really like the interface for some reason. To remedy this I installed Twitterbar. This extension allows you to post to Twitter using your address bar in Firefox. Just type your tweet into the address bar and hold your mouse over the dot on the right side. You will get feedback on how many characters you have left. Click the dot and it posts to Twitter. This makes more sense than it sounds I promise. Give it a try, you might like it.

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