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Sarah Palin - An Inexcusable Pick

Next time you speak to your neighbor ask yourself, "If he suddenly got interested in politics, was able to win the hearts and minds of voters for a few elections, and ended up as Governor of my state in ten years, would you want him sitting in the Vice President's office?" If you answered yes to this question then you should stop reading now, if you said no, then continue on.

By choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain isn't empowering women, he is using a woman to get what he wants; the desk in the Oval Office. From what I have read, it looks like Palin is a very smart, courageous, and hard working woman. She attempted to clean up one of the most corrupt state governments in our country, and did it while raising five children. This is an impressive achievement and she deserves all the credit in the world for working for the causes she believes in. I don't agree with her policies, but her policies are the least of my concerns.

Here is one example of why it scares me she will be running for VP. She admitted a month ago that she does not know what the Vice President does on a daily basis. I will be the first to admit that I don't know what our Vice President does on a daily basis, but I'm not being picked as a running mate of the presumptive nominee of a major party. Should Palin have known what the VP does? Maybe not, but by admitting she doesn't, she showed her disinterest in government at the Federal level. Say what you want about Obama and his inexperience, at least he actively pursued the office he is running for, and I feel confident that Biden can answer that question. Palin on the other hand was chosen as a political prop, she had shown no interest in the position until she was chosen by McCain to preempt the reaction to Obama's speech.

There is going to be a lot of spin and a lot of excitement for the next week or two centered around Palin being the first female VP candidate on a GOP ticket. Then things are going to turn sour. She is going to get crushed by Biden in the debates. If you really think she can hold her own on foreign policy and national issues against the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, think about your neighbor going up against Biden ten years from now, even if he was extremely active in government. Keep in mind those eight years are spent in your state's government, not at the federal level.

This was a desperation pick by McCain, and is an insult to women. There were plenty of female candidates who are more qualified to lead this country than Palin. McCain appears to have chosen her because she is a pretty face and will shore up support on the right. I believe she is going to end up looking like a fool, and when the McCain/Palin ticket fails and Obama/Biden take office, do you really think our good old boy, Senator McCain, is going to take the blame. I would be shocked if he doesn't shift the majority of the blame onto Palin.

So what are we going to get out of this pick. To me the answer is clear, we now have what is going to be the running joke of the campaign. Being a woman didn't get Hillary Clinton off the hook, and if you have seen any of the footage of Palin taking shooting practice, how much fun do you think the Colberts and Stewarts(below) of the world are going to have with that. We are getting a inexperienced candidate who is going to make mistakes, and I think she is going to look foolish more than once during this campaign.

What I really worry we are getting, is a situation where a woman is going to fail in her pursuit of high office and it's going to be a failure unlike Hillary's. It is not going to be lauded by the members of her party when the ticket fails. She is going to get the blame for the failure, and they are going to ruin her career. It's a shame because those 18 million cracks could have been shattered, instead they are going to remain just that, cracks, and it's going to mean the next woman running for president is going to have to hit that ceiling harder than she would have had McCain not decided to play political games.