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Vikings Reaction and Fantasy Results( Week 1)

After watching the game last night, I' am starting to reconsider my position on the Vikings. Very little about the game was reassuring. For a variety of reasons, their defense was not impressive. They didn't pressure Rodgers nearly enough, they let Ryan Grant go off for a 50+ yard run, and Rodgers was running all over the place looking like vintage Duante Culpepper.

The offense looked the same as last year. A.P. was running well, but once the Packers were reassured the pass game was still atrocious, they started stacking the box. I will not even discuss the end of the game. I am not writing them off yet, but if Childress doesn't figure out a system that allows Jackson to complete more than 50% of his passes, the Vikings will not win eight games this year.

As for my Fantasy results, I won my first week. I started Willie Parker, Reggie Wayne, Joey Galloway, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Cooley and Hasslebeck. I also had Shayne Graham and Pit D. This netted me a total of 67 points, 24 coming from Willie Parker alone. The only roster change I should have made was starting Dwayne Bowe over Galloway, but I let the experts convince me that Kansas Cities offense was inept. I picked up Eddie Royal, Matt Cassell, and Jamarcus Russel. Cassell may not be a great pickup, but I cannot believe he will not perform well with that much talent around him. Royal will supplement Brandon Marshall well, and Russel was a pickup based on last night’s performance and the fact that Oakland is going up against a poor Kansas City Defense next week.

I Hope everyone enjoyed the first week of the season, looking forward to living and dying by my players for the next 15 Sundays.