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The Twins Do it Again

I'm currently in shock. Tonight's game started out innocently enough, the Twins took a 1 run lead, and then things imploded. Slowey gets knocked around concluding with getting hit by a ball in the forearm, ending his night. His wild throw with that injured forearm ended up costing two runs. The White Sox were up 6-1, then suddenly chip, chip, chip, we were down by 1. Then Gomez and Span do their thing, and it was tied.

Good lord what a finish, after they play their game and advance Punto to 3rd by a sacrifice and a steal, Cassila knocks a bloop hit into centerfield to WIN THE GAME. what a night, don't expect much from me tomorrow becuase I'm drained. All I know is we are ahead by a 1/2 game in the Central, we are at home against the Royals. You can bet I will be cheering for the Indians all weekend.