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Screw Copyright Law Let's Pirate Everything

I went out today and purchased NBA 2k9 for the PC. I hadn't played a basketball game in years and was really looking forward to a night of being unproductive. Well those plans have failed. It seems 2Ksports , the publisher of the game shipped the games without a product key. So I sit here with a game I spent $20 on and no way to install it. According to this page at 2KSports they will have a solution by the end of the day. Along with that page there is a 7 page thread on the 2Ksports forum with people stating they have the same issue.

First this is not just a mistake this is a total and complete screw up at every level. The company just created a pretty massive PR nightmare. I haven't tried calling, but from what I read in the thread they are not answering the phones and even when someone does no solution is presented. Second, not one representative of 2Ksports replied to the thread. They have the tool right there to help answer questions and instead they just give a vague response on their homepage stating they are working on the problem.

I'm giving them until 7 o'clock and if a solution has not presented itself I'm going to return the game and will never purchase a 2Ksports game again. Sadly if I would have pirated the game I would be playing it right now and would not have this problem. When will companies realize that copy protection rarely creates sales it just hinders those it makes.

Update 6:54: It appears a solution is in place and should be working within the next 24 hours. Still not great and of course no apology has really been issued. 2K Sports could turn this into a good thing by possibly releasing some sort of special content for the PC version as an apology. Instead I'm sure they will just release the fix and move on.

Update 7:12 The fix is in, after uninstalling Steam and then restarting the installation of NBA 2k9 things seem to be working. Good that they got the fix out the door within 24 hours. This is still another in a long line of things that show copy protection doesn't work. It is either broken within 24 hours or just doesn't work.