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Can I get a Pause Button with That

Would a pause button be a great feature on some webapps? RSS readers would greatly benefit from this. As I'm writing this post there is currently a Woot Off in progress. This means that my RSS feed from Woot gets about 30-40 items every 4-5 hours. It would be great if I could just hit pause and then it skips the items that occur during the time period I specify.

Twitter would also benefit from this. I follow many people who live twitter confences and other events that do not interest me. This information fills up my Twitter client and I sometimes miss other tweets that interest me. The only solution I have is to unfollow the offending party and then remember to follow them again the next day. This is clunky and the ability to skip updates from individual users for a period of time would be a great feature.

Any other web applications that could use a pause button?