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Thoughts and Links 10/24 Edition

  • If you happen to live in Minnesota and have a chance to try Brau Brothers Brewing Co's Whirly Bird Oatmeal Stout do so immediatly.
  • I also have to recommend Flying Dog Brewery's Dogtoberfest
  • If you missed it, NBA 2k9 shipped without as product key. This left many gamers(including me) unable to descend into unproductive gaming binges as soon as they would like.
  • Chapstick is an odd but very necessary invention
  • If you use Twitter, try out twinfluence. I'm currently ranked #47 out of 50 in social capital.
  • Join the movement, Chipotle needs to begin serving breakfast.
  • If you run Windows, please update now. A major bug has been found.
  • I'm endorsing working out on Friday afternoons, it is painful to enter the gym, but you leave knowing the weekend will be good.
  • I have to add another MN blog to my list of those I read. NPR's Newscut is a daily visit. I also recommend following @bcollinsmn.
  • Only ten days left until election day, I'm moving into the no main-stream media bunker until 5:00 pm on 11/4.
  • The right has gone completely mad, first they mail out a scare tactic piece basically calling Obama a terrorist and linking him to 9/11, and then Ashley Todd fakes an attack by an Obama supporter.
  • Bring some fun to your office next week. You've been Booed.

Everyone have a great weekend, and remember to look both ways when jaywalking.