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Maketing Gems -

This post on Tombuntu, regarding the sites server move included a link to They are a hosting provider, offered virtual servers running on Xen. On top of being a very reasonably priced, they have a done a very good job marketing themselves to their target users. Unlike most hosting providers, their home page isn't flashy web 2.0ish or chock full of ads for their various services. The pricing structure on the home page is the price per month, not the price you will pay per month if you sign a 5-year contract. It is a very clean, simple, and refreshing site.

I wouldn't just write about their site, but I found something that put this over the top for me. On the features page I found this gem. "The Finnix recovery distribution occupies no disk on your Linode account and is useful for recovering from screw ups." This might not be the most professional language to use, but it's refreshing to see a company just come out and admit that yes you will "screw up" and here is the tool we provide to fix it.

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation of's services. I have no experience using Linode and know no one that has. Please do your own research before purchasing services from any hosting provider.