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Mistakes, Love, and Trust Issues (T'Wolves Observations)

This is supposed to be a post about the Wolves but I have to mention Tony Parkers night. This man was amazing last night. I would rank his performance as one of the best I have ever seen, and that includes some of Michael Jordan's best post-season performances. He willed the Spurs to victory yesterday and deserves every bit of credit. But let's get back to the Wolves.

Kevin Love is the real deal. Kevin Love just hustles, hustles, and hustles some more. Love played solid defense against Tim Duncan, grabbed rebounds and had a phenomenal game. I haven't seen any other rookies play yet, but I have a hard time believing that they have had an impact on their teams like Love.

Our defensive rotation is awful. Parker didn't just score 50+ points because he was that hot, he was open all night long. If the Wolves don't fix their pick and roll defense we may as well not even play against teams with point guards who can shoot. The Timberwolves one on one defense was ok though which is a good sign.

Al Jefferson doesn't trust his teammates yet. He went up against double teams a few too many times for my liking. He also faded from contact in the fourth quarter and in overtime. That is concerning to me.

Kevin Love scored a go-ahead basket with less than a minute remaining. He's the real deal Wolves fans. O.J. Mayo may score 26 points a game during his career, but Love will average 20-7-5 and will block shots, get steals, and chase down loose balls all night long.

The Target Center's new court is rockin'.

Cory Brewer will be defensive player of the year in 2-3 years. He makes little mistakes that cost him, but if his teammates are figure out how to defend a pick and roll with him he will be able to shut down almost any guard or forward in the league.

Rashad McCants should not be allowed on the court. He got embarrassed on the defensive end and completely missed a wide open teammate on at least one occasion. Let's trade him now for whatever we can get.

The Wolves play like a young team. Too many little mistakes that kept the Spurs in it. Passes picked off and players left wide open.

The Wolves have been hitting free throws well the last two games, I'm guessing Randy Whitman focused a ton of time on that after the first games showing.

FSN North needs to change either the size of the info box or the font. When it's hard to tell if a number is a 6 or an 8 your font choice sucks. I don't care if it looks fine in HD, they need to test it on regular television sets first.

The Timberwolves need to ask me to go one on one against Foye for an hour or so. He's playing so tight right now it's no wonder he keeps making mistakes and missing shots. He needs a confidence booster.

Game MVP: Tony Parker, Wolves MVP: Al Jefferson with a nod to Kevin Love, Least Valuable Player: Rashad McCants, Hustle Players of the game: Kevin Love, Mike Miller, and Cory Brewer