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Thoughts and Links 11/10 Edition

Circuit City is filing for bankrupcy shortly after announcing they would be closing numerous stores. From what I've read it sounds like Minnesota stores are safe which is good. I'm not a big fan of Circuit City, but I hope they survive, Best Buy needs some competition keeping them honest.

I've added a few new Minnesota Blogs to my reading list:

So far the Obama's search for a puppy seems to have caught the nation's attention more than anything else. Bob Collins at MPR's News Cut takes the press to task for their lack of reporting on real issues.

Am I allowed to rescind my opinion on the Timberwolves? I'm considering starting a fire Randy Whitman site shortly. The Timberwolves better start playing defense or they won't win 10 games this year.

The Vikings defense played a solid game against the Packers. Lucky for the offense the insane number of mistakes they made didn't cost the Vikings the game.

For the record the Vikings MVP's halfway through the season are Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. If you didn't see Sunday's game and how Peterson willed his team to victory after fumbling on fourth down you need to. Talk about heart. Allen played hurt all game and was very effective. He may not deserve his contract, but at least he's trying to live up to expectations.

The Franken-Coleman race will never end. This is what Minnesota gets for voting for either of those imbeciles. There was another choice. had a front page article on the NYT's web site today. I started introducing my offline friends to this site. I'm usually very hesitant to introduce them to websites but Nate Silver's site was just too good.

I had a horrid experience at the Applebee's in the Burnsville Mall this weekend. I've never had bartenders be quite so angry at their customers. On the other hand Chili's in Burnsville was, as always, a good experience. Of course I would prefer a non chain bar, but I live in Burnsville so my options are limited.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This means Christmas music will start shortly. I hate this, I like Christmas music, just not for a month straight.

With the change in seasons I'm suddenly craving soups and chili. This is fairly unusual for me so I'm on a recipe collecting spree. I'm planning on trying this recipe at some point this week. Any other soup or chili recipies I should try?

It snowed all day on Saturday. I had to scrape my windshield for the first time all year. I am not happy I had to pull out the hat and gloves from storage.

If you are a blogger, please read this article from Lazy Lighting. There are people out their trying to alter the contents of local blogs. Let's keep them from succeeding.