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Randy Wittman Needs to Go

I'm giving up, Randy Wittman is not going to be a successful head coach. I wanted to give him a chance, he came into an impossible situation, but after a 1-6 start, I am convinced he cannot produce a winning team.

Now don't get me wrong this team shouldn't be 6-1 but they should at least be 5-2 or 4-3. The only loss that is excusable on a talent level is the loss to the Mavericks. We can blame all the other losses on a poor start or an inability to finish games. We need to point a finger, unfortunately for Wittman it is pointed at him. Last night's game made this clear to me. Al Jefferson was shut out during the fourth quarter and the overtime. Don Nelson came up with a strategy that kept the ball out of Jefferson’s hands. It is up to the head coach to figure out how to adjust to the other team’s adjustments and Wittman appears unable to do this.

Another example from last night’s game is the fact that the Wolves tried to play an up-tempo game. I knew from the moment they started trying to run the court things would go badly. Golden State was the master of running up and down on teams last year, and even without Baron Davis, they are still good at it. The Wolves are not masters of the up-tempo style but they do have one of the best low post scorers in the game. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would have slowed the game down and pounded the ball into Al Jefferson. Instead, the Wolves ran up and down the court, ended the first quarter tied and racked up seven fouls. I actually went to bed at that point knowing they were going to lose.

I'm not sure who the Wolves should hire, maybe Fred Hoiberg would like to take the reins. We need a coach who is a teacher with a defense first mindset. The Wolves have plenty of offensive talent, where they are lacking is the defensive end. The team has regressed defensively and we can safely say Randy Wittman is not the answer there. We also need a coach who can make adjustments during games. Tony Parker's night and last night are both perfect examples that Wittman is unable to make those adjustments. We need a new coach, and while we are at it let get a new GM.