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To the Person selling the d40x on Criagslist

Dear Sir or Madam,

First I want to let you know that I appreciate your persistence. You take the time every week to re post nearly the same ad. You even changed it this week to try and make it sound like a wonderful deal. Unfortunately you don't quite have the price set correctly.

You advertise a used mint condition Nikon D40x that will be sold without a lense. Your asking price is $375. I'm sure this price seems reasonable to you, but for anyone who is shopping for a DSLR camera it makes no sense to pay nearly $400 for this camera used.

Why? You may be asking, well a quick browsing of the current offerings of your competitors, retailers, shows that the D40x is no longer being manufactured by NIkon. It has been replaced by the D60. The D60 is a newer camera, produces pictures of the same resolution, and can currently be purchased for around $600-$650. This is a new camera and also comes with a lens. As you own the camera I'm sure you are aware that the D40x like the D60 and the D40 require an AF lens to auto focus. The low end lens for this camera is currently retailing for around $150. This means anyone who purchases your camera will need spend $525 to use a used camera.

Now I understand the need to make your money back, but since I continue to see your camera appear on my RSS feed, you may need to consider lowering your asking price. Not by much, sell it for $300 and I bet you sell it within a week. Remember it's a digital camera and the price will only continue to fall, sell it soon or risk having to drop the price even further.