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On Health Insurance

Everyone knows America’s healthcare system is screwy, but here are some things you may not know.

If you are involved in an auto accident in your own vehicle, and this accident may be work related, your auto insurance will require you to submit a claim to your work comp insurance. Your auto insurance can only pay if you receive a denial from your work comp insurance. If you happen to not know you have medical coverage under your auto policy it may even go through your health insurance first and get denied. This means that potentially three insurance companies get involved before a single bill is paid. If someone else hit you you could potentially have four involved.

Sometimes health insurance will not pay a bill just because you mention a vehicle when filing a claim. I had a customer who needed a claim opened under his auto insurance just so we could write a denial to send to his health insurance.

Did you know that in Minnesota, if you are injured while unloading something from a truck or a car, your primary coverage falls to the medical coverage on your auto insurance? Guess how many of these claims go to health insurance and get denied before being submitted to auto insurance?

These are just three instances where a claim could sit in limbo for weeks or months and not be paid because the right company is not informed. This is a perfect example of why a single payer system makes sense. Some people think that government getting involved would only lower costs by decreasing how much hospitals are paid. But consider the cost of each of the above situations. Get rid of situations like that and we could cut administrative overhead substantially.

Additionally, consider how many places you get charged for health insurance where it's not called that. Work-comp insurance, your auto insurance, and homeowner's insurance all have a medical cost built into them. A socialized medical system will cost everyone less in the end. Opponents never seem to realize how many times each of us pays for health insurance. Wouldn’t it be better if we all just paid once?