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Thoughts and Links 10/20 Edition

  • Do you hate being asked questions that require a 3 second Google search. Send them to and your problem is solved.
  • Remember when Forbes Magazine used to be smart, it has become a camouflaged version of People. Then again I guess it's things like the Hottest Tots that sells magazines these days.
  • I normally don't approve of fans booing their team, but the Thunder as a whole deserve it. Maybe not the players but the owners for sure. In fact I propose that the Thunder get booed at all games regardless of where they take place.
  • Fun photo of the day, check out the Star Tribunes front page. Does this inspire confidence in the recount? The guy in the stocking cap is a nice guy I'm sure, but really??
  • Michelle Bachmann did not need to do anything else to prove she is insane, but that didn't stop her. Can someone please tell her that an urban legend generally doesn't have video tape to prove they are real.
  • My blog recommendation for the week is one I discovered but forgot about. Margaret and Helen have a lot of wisdom and aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Thank to RosaPena and and nukirk for reminding me.
  • Three new MN based blogs for your reading pleasure
  • Did you see the Timberwolves won last night. They avoided the fate of the 2003-2004 Magic who went 1-19 after winning their first game(check the last item).
  • This song was played on Tuesday morning on the Current. When the first song of the day is titled Zydeco Taco you know things are looking up.
  • If you didn't like my chili recipe, here is a vegetarian recipe that looks tasty. Also the story preceding the recipe is kind of cute. (Yes, I'm a guy and I will use the word cute)
  • For those on Twitter, if you haven't see this, check it out.