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5 Radical Ways to Save Money

  1. Water down your water. Really you are paying about $1 per bottle of water, so buy a nice canteen, and put half a bottle of water in it and then fill it with tap water. Tap water is cleaner so you get both taste and cleanliness.
  2. Start using incandescent light bulbs again. People think heating costs have risen dramatically because energy prices have risen. Ha, think again, we no longer have heat producing light bulbs running constantly, this means your furnace need to run more often. Go back to incandescent bulbs and save yourself a few bucks each month on heating costs.
  3. Build a second wall around your house. Yes it would be a fairly large upfront cost in both time and money. And dealing with the bureaucracy of getting a building permit is not fun, but the cost benefit will be dramatic. Leave out the windows on the second wall and you will be golden.
  4. Start eating the heels from bread loaves. Gross you may be saying, but consider this. If you buy loaves of bread that generally contain 20 normal slices, and eat the heel, you get a free loaf every time you buy 10 loaves. Now who doesn't love a buy 10 get 1 free sale?
  5. When going out for a night of drinking, ask the bartender to pour you a mat shot before your first drink. You won't spend a penny and get to experience a wide variety of liquors before experiencing the fun of vomiting into a toilet or trash can.