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Thoughts and Link 12/1 Edition

It's been a while since I posted anything. I took the entire Thanksgiving weekend off of participating in social media of any sort, including my blog. I posted approximatly 3 Twitter updates all weekend. It was a nice break, but now I'm back. Here are the latest thoughts and links from the world at large.

  • If you ever wondered how not to write an about us for your website, check out the CIA's HR page for details.
  • Alexis posted this wonderful looking recipe for Corn and Chayote Soup. I may make it this week and let you know the results.
  • Ana Marie Cox posts a letter she received and her response. I do hold out some hope for future generations.
  • Via Kottke. Photography is for Jerkoffs funny but definitely not safe for work.
  • I believe I've mentioned Margaret and Helen before, but as long as the two of them continue to write I'll keep linking. Margaret's last post is great, but her Thanksgiving letter to her family deserves a gold star. Here is an actual thought; this is why the Internet is great, where else can a couple of wise old ladies be heard by thousands of people, we all need to get our grandparents a blog.
  • In case you wondered, the Timberwolves do have a playbook and it supposedly contains 75 plays. I'm not sure if this includes out of bounds plays or not but either way this is further proof Randy Whittman is insane.
  • I went out to moto-i on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was a great experience, really good food and the sake is as good as advertised. The atmosphere was more bar like than expected but I still give it my recommendation.
  • Finally, a zoo in Japan discovered something any 15 year old who lives on a farm would know. You can't mate two polar bears of the same sex. It's just not possible.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Remember to avoid the stores at all costs for the next three weeks, and if you are traveling for the holidays be safe.