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Wikipedia Random 5

So when I wrote my last post, I was trying to get some crap out of my brain. I looked back and realized that I really did like the Wikipedia Random 5 idea. If for no other reason then it's fun to learn new things and I may as well share some of what I learn with all of you. So without waiting any longer, here are five random bits of knowledge from Wikipedia Random Article link.

  1. CAPER (organization) - This organization represents radio and television stations in Argentina.
  2. Whey cheese - This cheese is made from the whey leftover after the making of other cheese.
  3. Breakfast News - A news program that ran from 1989-2000 on the BBC.
  4. Factor T - A book that explores the eternal tragedy of humanity.
  5. Disco Polo - A genre of music derived from folk tunes and italo disco.