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Wittman sacked, McHale next?

The Timberwolves fired their head coach this morning. This was a move that I hoped for since three weeks into the season. Wittman never really seemed to figure out his team. Whether they can compete at a high level is really hard to determine, but in my opinion, they are talented and should be able to at least look competitive against teams like the Clippers.

Another positive step in this move is that McHale has lost his General Manager position. Unfortunately, I don't have many details regarding who will fill in for McHale or if the move to replace him as President was permanent or not. Taylor sent out a letter to season ticket holders, but that didn't contain many details. My hope is that Fred Hoiberg takes over as GM. He seems genuine to me and the type of guy who will admit when he makes a mistake, unlike McHale who just kept preaching patience to the fan base that ran out of patience five years ago. I am frustrated with the fact that McHale is still with the team. I honestly think this is a cop out by Taylor who seems to be putting personal feelings above the teams good.

That McHale turns things around as coach is a long shot. He did take over in 04-05 and led them to a 19-12 final record, but if last season and the beginning of this season have been any indication, we can't predict anything from the final 20 or so games.

Here is my advice to McHale (not that McHale takes advice, but he I can hope)

  1. Quick playing music chairs with the linup - Choose a starting five and stick with them, teams need to gel, and this only happens with a set rotation.
  2. Stop playing McCants and either trade him or let him go in free agency. McCants is not going to be a contributer on a winning team, he's a fun player to watch if you don't like passing or defense.
  3. Make Al Jefferson the center of attention 90% of the time. This means he should play 38 minutes a game, and touch the ball nearly every time down the court.
  4. After you accomplish #3 make him pass the ball out of the double and triple teams.
  5. If a player isn't willing to play defense for you, you bench him. This is a priority above number 3 and if Jefferson continues playing lackdaisical D he shouldn't be a starter anymore.
  6. Quit - Honestly it would be better for everyone.