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How to Prevent me from Following You

I generally try to follow anyone who follows me, and I'm consistently looking for interesting people to follow, but I do have a few rules which I tend to use when deciding who to follow.

  1. If you are following twice as many people as are following you, I will not follow you. I am guessing you are just trying to get new followers by following random people. The exception to this rule is if you are new and have only a few followers.
  2. I won't follow you if your time line consists of only links. I love the content I find through Twitter, but the real conversations that occur are worth much more.
  3. If you are local, and you don't completely violate my other rules I will always follow back. I have found out more interesting things about the Twin Cities in the six months I've been on Twitter, than I did in the year and a half before.
  4. If you do not have a bio, a link, or your real name in your profile, why are you here? You do not need to do all three, but you should at least go for two out of the three.
  5. If you follow more than 1000 people, I will assume you don't care what I say and will do the same. The exception is if you are truly famous and have close to a 1:1 follower to follow ratio.
  6. If you do have a link in your profile and it goes to a page that is 80% ads. Well you do the math.
  7. If you tweet in all caps more than once a decade, you can guarantee I will not follow you.
  8. Swearing, though funny occasionally, is no substitute for actual content and humor. If you swear because it's easy I will not follow you.
  9. If your tweets consistently cross the 140-character line into a new tweet, I will find you annoying and I will not follow you.
  10. Do you constantly pick fights on Twitter? I left trolls behind with vBulletin. Healthy debate is acceptable and encouraged though.

Well after writing down these rules, I realize I need to quit following myself. Does Twitter allow me to do that?