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Thoughts and Links 12/12 Edition

I have a good list today, I've been focusing on starring and bookmarking interesting stuff so I don't have to throw together this list from my history.

  • Tim Brunelle shares a great story that puts social media in perspective. It's here to stay, and is not only great for finding interesting information, but also for real life networking.
  • Apparently sarcasm has benefits beyond confusing those that don't know me well.
  • Stock up on acorn futures, apparently there is a shortage, wonder if the explosion of bird squirrel feeders has any part in this.
  • This is a great site, @mosqueda is a great person to follow on Twitter.
  • A simple but poignant reminder that we aren't doing that poorly.
  • An amazing visualization of our national budget. Via Newcut
  • Drew is moving to Minnesota, he needs some tips on how to survive our arctic chill.
  • Here is a tasty looking Mexican dish.
  • A list of authentic Minnesota Food. Via The Deets

Finally an actual thought for Thoughts and Links. I'm not a fan of the auto bailout, but I think we need it or this recession is going to go on for an extra year or two. It's ridiculous that banks who don't actually create anything tangible get $700 billion, yet an auto industry that creates actual products can't get a nickle. (Admittedly the auto industry is not run correctly, but neither were the banks)