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A Gas Station Story

I stopped at a local filling station to fill up the car so I wouldn't have to worry about it when I get back from my Christmas break. Normally these stop are fairly uneventful. Today I wish it would have been more eventful.

I happened to go inside because I wanted to fill up my travel mug and grab a bag of baked Lays. As with most gas stations at noon they had one register open and it was kind of backed up. I was standing in line and the woman who was checking out was taking forever. She was acting as if she hadn't purchased anything at a store in 10 years. Unfortunately, I see this often so this wasn't shocking. After the transaction was complete the cashier says thank you and I thought everything was done. At this point I still hadn't seen what the lady was purchasing, but I heard her ask for a bag.

This is where the funny/irritating part occurred, I saw the cashiers expression of disbelief, she asked "You want a bag?" The woman reaffirmed her choice. At this point I thought the cashier was being a bit rude. Then I saw it, the woman had asked for a plastic bag for...wait for it....a gift card. At that point I wished the cashier would have hit her when she asked for the bag. I would have lied to keep the cashier out of trouble if she would have. I'm not the person who lectures my friends on environmentally conscious behavior, but I try to at least do some of my part. I try to avoid using bags unless I actually need them, I often ask the cashiers at Target to take the items out of the bag if they don't ask me whether I need one or not.

This lady took the time to request a bag for a gift card. I'm still kind of annoyed, and take this as a sign that Minnesota needs to institute a bag tax like the one proposed in New York City immediatly.