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Wednesday Where? #3

First, Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful day, be safe if you are traveling.

Here is this today's photo. I'm out of town as of 5:00 this morning so no guarantees hints will be posted. I'll try and get a few up by Friday. I won't post the answer until 8 hours after the third hint is up. I hope this one is harder than last week, but I think it could be another easy one. The photo was taken somewhere within the Minneapolis/St. Paul 7 county area(PDF). No prizes will be offered, other than the pride of knowing your city better than you ever should. Enjoy.

Hint #1 First acquired in 1883 by the board of parks commissioners.

Hint #2 The 5th Fibinochi Number and the founder of the Union Fire Company

Hint #3 A cardinal direction and the side of a flowing body of water.