Updates and Thoughts

Sorry for neglecting the three of you that visit, I’m trying not to write about politics and it’s about all I have followed in the last two weeks.  Hopefully I’ll come up with something while driving around for work today.  In the mean time here are a few random observations from the Interwebs.

Why would EA put such invasive DRM on Spore?  This will only limit sales, and result in mass pirating.

I got mentioned on Scoble’s blog due to a comment I left on Twitter.

Everyone is freaking out about the recent poll numbers, haven’t they heard of a convention bounce?  (Sorry couldn’t resist)

I recently purchased a pro account on Flickr, check out my photostream for some great photos from Montana.

I’m working on a new theme for the site.  It’s going to be a lot cleaner and lighter.  I’m working on it in an attempt to develop my wordpress skills more than anything so it may be awhile before it’s ready for primetime.