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Two Personal Tales

The last seven days have been a little crazy. I won't share all my stories here, I'm giving you two that I had to share with everyone.

The first happened on the morning of the 1st. I spent New years in Grand Forks and was up partying with my friends until 2 in the morning. After celebrating with champagne, playing a ton of the new Guitar Hero, and drinking like we were still in college, a few of us sat down to play Cranium. It was during this game that I started to get a little itchy. My friends have dogs that occasionally cause this but this just kept getting worse. Within a half hour of first noticing the itching my face has swollen up.

I had never had an allergic reaction like this before. Thankfully I wasn't having breathing problems, but it was still scary. I ended up getting a ride to the ER from a friend who had went home and wasn't drinking. After a couple of shots I was feeling much better and my face looked normal again. I have no idea what it was that I reacted to, I'm blaming it on the cheap champagne, and I'm keeping Benedryl on hand from now on just in case. I'm also going to look into getting to an allergist sometime to so I know what to look out for.

The second event happened this morning. I went through my usual morning routine, though I had to speed it up a bit since I could not drag myself out of bed. Usually I get up, shower, put on everything but a shirt and then eat breakfast and all the other morning stuff. Well this morning I skipped an important step. First, I you need to know that my job entails meeting customers where it's convenient for them, whether at home, work, or a coffee shop. Well this morning when I arrived at my customer's home and went to remove my jacket, and realized that I had forgotten to put on a shirt. I had an undershirt on, but apparently never finished off my attire. I'm not sure if the customer noticed or not, and I honestly don't want to know, but sitting in the dining room for an hour was extremely uncomfortable.