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MN Todo Checklist - Nina's Coffee Cafe

After an awful night at home, one that would have been a total disaster if it wasn't for the Fighting Sioux defeating the despised Golden Gophers, I woke up this morning and headed to St. Paul to try Nina's Coffee Shop. I had a meeting in the building Nina's is located in so I spent two hour relaxing and drinking coffee. The quick review is it's a place with it's own atmosphere, plenty of customers, and an ambiance that allows for 30 people to all sit around talking and you never really hear anything. They have a lot of great artwork on the walls, and the interior architecture is really nice. The Blair House building itself is worth checking out even if you don't intend on stopping at Nina's.

I managed to forget my camera, a true sin of blogging, so I didn't get any pictures. I would have felt awkward taking photos while I was there so I'm fine with it. Overall I was impressed and if I lived in the neighborhood I could see myself heading down to Nina's on the weekends frequently. Since I live in Burnsville though, I doubt I'll be back anytime soon, it was a good experience just not one that's worth a twenty minute drive.