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Friday Night Fight

I spent a long time deciding if and how I should tell this story. I've changed all names and hope I don't botch the story telling too much.

Friday night I intended on not leaving the house, getting to bed early, and not setting an alarm for Saturday morning. My plan went well, I watched the Sioux-Gopher game, ate a light dinner, didn't consume any alcohol, and by 10:00 was in bed. I took a sleep aid since I hadn't slept through a night all week and unfortunately sometimes the only thing I can do it take a pill.

Now first I need to give some of the backstory. I moved into my current living situation in March of last year. It's a four bedroom house, the owner Bob lives in the house and the other three rooms are leased out on a month to month basis. Todd who lives in the basement room has been there longer than me, is a really nice guy. He's a bit timid and a little odd but doesn't cause any trouble. The third roommate who was living there when I moved in moved out about three months ago. We had a new roommate move in last month who I'm going to call Steve. Steve didn't exactly rub me the right way when he moved in. I don't know what it was about him that told me he was trouble, but I'm generally good at reading people. It was a few weeks into him moving in that I decided I couldn't live with him, he was noisy, didn't clean up after himself, and tended to keep me up by singing well past 10:00.

Well on Friday night I went to sleep and was woken up by the front door slamming. I just rolled over and tried to fall back asleep, but the noise continued. The front door opened and closed several more times, I heard a car revving it's engine outside and could tell something was going on. I assumed that Steve must be getting picked up by some friends and grabbing a few things. The next thing I know I hear Steve yelling into the baseman for Todd to come on and get going. This was odd as Steve and Todd weren't exactly friends, but I didn't really concern myself with it. About 45 seconds later I hear someone run down the stairs, and suddenly a lot of shouting, punctuated with someone yelling "You hit me!"

At this point I had no choice but to finally get out of bed. I threw on a pair of pants and ran out the door of my bedroom and looked downstairs. Steve and Todd were at the bottom of the stairs and I could see Steve was tring to hold Todd. Well I yelled, and they both came up stairs. After getting each side of the story, it appears that Todd didn't want to help Steve (I wasn't sure what this help consisted of at the time) and Steve went to down to talk to him and at some point struck Todd with his shoulder and knocked him into the wall.

As I said before Todd is a good guy, but a bit timid, and he decided he wanted to call the police becuase he didn't feel safe. I told him I didn't really think that was necessary but if that's what he wanted to do it was his choice, so he called the police. All this time Steve is freaking out trying to get Todd to hang up the phone, finally after me and Bob told him to stop he just kept panicking but wasn't harassing Todd anymore.

At this point the adrenline was wearing off and I could tell the sleep aid was working. I decided for some reason to look outside. What I saw was Steve's car in the snowbank alongside our driveway. I couldn't tell initially that Steve had been drinking, but after seeing his car I came to the conclusion that he had been (well it was that or he was a complete idiot). It was at that point that the police cars pulled up. After the police came into the house I kind of stayed in the background. Steve was given a breathalyzer and they went through a sobriety test. Apparently he was just under the limit because he wasn't arrested, but the police did make him leave. Me and Bob managed to get his car out of the snowbank, and I finally went to bed.

So I'm down to 2 roommates again and Bob has a room to fill. I still can't quite get over the fact that Friday night happened. In five years of college the only time I ever had roommates physically fight was a fight between twin brothers. The weekend before I spent four days drinking with ten other people and had no incidents with the police. I never used to think my friends and me were responsible when it came to alcohol, as we drink way more than we should when we get together. But I can say that I never have to worry about fighting or the police being called when we drink.

So if anyone who isn't prone to causing trouble is looking for a place in Burnsville, let me know and I'll give your info to my landlord. It's a quiet house, pets are not allowed, and the three people that currently live there are good roommates.