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The Wolves are Circling

It's been a while since I last wrote about the Timberwolves. After firing their head coach and placing Kevin McHale in that role I tried to continue following them. I watched the first 5-6 games and then pretty much stopped watching or paying attention as they were losing games at a ridiculous pace. Well apparently things are starting to change, since Christmas the Wolves have lost one game, and currently hold a five game winning streak.

You could definitly accuse me of being a fair weather fan in this case. I couldn't stick with the team through another awful season, and I honestly did want to see McHale fail. It's good to see some life in the team again. Randy Foye is playing like I knew he could, he's playing with confidence and slowly developing into a leader on the team. Since I havn't watched any games I am relying on recaps and box scores to piece together the reasons for this winning streak. Here are some observations I made.

McHale didn't follow all of my advice, but he did stop playing McCants, and I consider that a win. Since I"m back on the bandwagon with the other 25 remaining Wolves fans you will probably see a few Wolves related posts once again