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MN Todo List Checklist - Winter Carnival

Continuing my exploration of Minnesota, Saturday I headed to St. Paul to take in the Winter Carnival. At a brain freezing -10 with a stiff breeze, I didn't intend on spending much time outdoors, but I braved the chill. I didn' experience as much as I would have liked, but I did check out the ice sculptures in Rice Park. I'll share my favorites here, but please check out the Flickr set for more photos.

The first sculture that really caught my intention was this one. It was very impressive. You could see a lot of detail work went into it. Just check out the fire and the fish in the stream.

You can see in the next photo, not only was the fire extremely detailed, but the tee-pee in the background is well done.

My favorite sculpture was the next one though. It was from an Alice in Wonderland scene, and the details on the Cheshire cat were amazing.

I will admit that I didn't experience as much of the carnival as I should have. But I may go out this weekend if the temperature heads north of 0. Have any of you been to the Carnival?