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Why I gave up on "Catch 22"

This is the first Plinky questions that I instantly wanted to answer. I bought Catch-22 a few months ago. I had actually nearly purchased it every time I saw it for about a year but had never taken the plunge. Maybe my subconscious had been telling me. Consciously, It had intrigued me for some reason, the concept of a bumbling pilot in World War 2 who was just trying not to get killed seemed interesting. It also had a ton of praise behind it so I decided it can't be bad.

Well I won't say that it was bad, but I just couldn't get into it. I just couldn't get past the authors writing style, which was really messy. The story jumped all over the place and though it was full of the kind of ironic humor that I usually love, I just didn't find it funny.

I think I'm about 1/3 of the way through it, I had it sitting on my nightstand for about a month, and finally just gave in and put it back on my bookshelf. It currently sits there mocking me. Someday when I've read everything in my house and everything on the series of tubes I'll pick it up again. Until then, the adventures of Yossarian will remain only partially complete.