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It's Monday and I thought the day was going to go well, but every time I go to CNN or turn on the radio, I find more and more things frustrating me.

The US Congress is driving me up a ******* wall. What is wrong with the Republican Party. They want tax cuts for people who don't have jobs and businesses that are failing. Have any of these idiots read about this project called the New Deal. It was successful if I remember my 8th grade history class at all. In fact, Obama's stimulus package reminds me of a few different things times this country has spent money to bring it back from a steep cliff. The New Deal is of course a recent example, but the Reconstruction Era after the Civil war didn't only focus on reestablishing Congressional representation and abolishing slavery. It also required a large chunk of capital to rebuild the war ravaged South that was behind technologically before the war even started.

We gave Obama the largest winning percentage in recent history, yet our Republican representatives don't seem to care one bit about the will of the people. All they care about is pretending they are being fiscally sound and fighting the Democrats every step of the way. My memory may be failing me but we tried using tax cuts to keep the economy going and that failed spectacularly. We need to get people back to work so they can pay taxes. It does not do any good to be fiscally conservative if every day that you don't spend money your income slowly dries up.

I am not saying Democrats plan is perfect, but getting people back to work is the key to solving this problem. Once the economy is back on track we can start chopping things off the budget, but until then paying people to work is the only solution that has a proven success rate.