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Outside the Loop

This week has been a disappointment. First I was sick on Monday and Tuesday and missed the two warmest days of the week, second I didn't win Blitzen Trapper tickets from on Twitter. Not that I was expecting to, but honestly would it have killed Lady Luck to throw me a bone. I mean winning something is a stated goal of mine this year and Blitzen Trapper tickets would have kept me content for 10 years. Wednesday, I spent the day running reports and creating Excel spreadsheets for my boss. It was nice to have something productive to do, but data entry and me are kind of like sodium chloride and water, I just get the urge to jump out and cause havoc after about 3 minutes.

That evening my friend Jason, whose wife is out of town this weekend, calls me and says "Let's do something this weekend" Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be married, but since 93.88% of my friends are either married or on the verge of marriage, it's nice when I can just hang out with one of the guys without their better half. Of course I said "hell yes" and then promptly realized I have no f'ing clue what is going on this weekend.

I'll admit I'm not one of those people who can tell you that Steve Filek is playing at the Pale Grey Jazz club on Thursday evening starting at 8:33, but I usually have a vague idea o fthings to do on the weekend. I don't always attent them but at least I know about them. It was a little disheartening to realize that just two days of not blogging or Twittering had left me out of the loop. I keep hoping to stumble across something in the blogs this week, but so far nothing has come about. Honestly, how did people function before the whole information revolution? Don't tell me they looked at dead trees to plan their weekends?