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Changes are Near

It's a brand new beginning for me next month. First, my office is moving to a new location. Our current building is awful, it's dingy, dirty, and cluttered. The building was build sometimes in the 70s and nothing has been updated since. In fact it's so bad that when I first interviewed for the position I considered turning it down, not because of the job but because I couldn't imagine working in the environment.

Next weekend though we move into a new office. I haven't seen it yet, but from the few photos we've seen and from our management's description, it's going to be really nice. It's located right across the street from the Mall of America so there will be lunch and happy hour options within walking distance. We also have a cafeteria in the building which will be wonderful. It will be a change, but a good change.

The following weekend I get the keys to my new apartment. I know I wrote about this previously, but I had been looking for a place for myself. Well I found it, I'm moving to Uptown and can't wait. I found a place just down the block from The Bulldog and Common Roots. It's within walking distance of so many great locations that I'm positive that even with the additional food and beer I'll consume living there, the lack of driving will outweigh my calorie intake. It's an older building, but the landlord is in the process of renovating the entire apartment, including an new bathroom, new kitchen, and new floors. It's going to be an adjustment to the budget while I'm getting used to the higher rent and paying for utilities, but it's going to be worth it.

Hopefully no other big changes happen in March, the two that are planned will be enough.