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Movement in the Thaw

What is the deal Minnesota, our sports teams have been taken over by aliens. At least that's the only explanation I can come up with for the moves that have happened in 3 of the big 4 sports franchises. I've lived here for 2 years and nothing close to this has happened in that time. Maybe the front offices forgot to pay their heating bills, froze, and are just now thawing out.

The Timberwolves

The Wolves might not have made big headlines, but they made a move I wanted them to make before the season began. They traded away Rashad McCants and another dead weight contract. They didn't get much back, though I think Sheldon Williams could turn into a solid contributer. McCants will always put up numbers if he gets minutes, but his teams will never be winners. I liked this move and consider it addition by subtraction.

The Vikings

Ok, this deal hasn't officially been completed yet, but it looks like the Vikings are going to get Sage Rosenfels for a 4th round pick. This is a move that I really like. Not that the team is perfect, but a big part of the issues last year was because of inferior QB play. Gus Ferotte won some games, but he lost just as many. Tarvaris has occasional shown flashes of brilliance, but he definitely isn't the answer for the leader of the football team. Getting a solid young quarterback who can grow alongside A.P. is huge. They don't need to pay him top money for his position, which means they may be able to upgrade one of the offensive line positions.

The Twins

This is the move that I liked the most. Signing a player like Crede to a good contract is exciting. I was ok with them giving him a guaranteed 7 million for the year, but the Twins stuck to their guns and came back with a much better deal that won't hurt them nearly as much if his isn't healthy. Having a solid power hitter in both corners of the infield will be great, and his defense fits right in with the Twins program. Really the best thing about this deal is seeing the Twins front office defrost itself and actually make a move that might pay off. It's been too many years since they did anything more than sign aging stars and trade away our best talent. Hopefully this move works and they continue to try and improve my favorite team.

The Wild

I'm just appalled by this team. Something has to happen, and hopefully seeing the other three teams make a move will force them to take action. They need a new head coach and probably a new GM. It doesn't require a high hockey IQ to see something needs to change. For a team that hasn't had to worry about selling out a game since they came into existence, they haven't done much to repay the loyalty of their fans.