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It's coming, and you can feel it everywhere. Just driving around and you can tell people have chosen to stay home today. Gas stations have an almost subdued feeling. Everyone is thinking, I'm going to be at work and then spend 4 hours driving home. Late winter snow storms throw everyone off. I'm stuck in the eastern suburbs today for work until noon, then I'm making a mad dash back to Burnsville. Hopefully I'll miss the worst of it and will be able to enjoy being snowed in. A stop at Cub for pasta supplies and a movie and I'll be ready for the night.

In other news I added a few things to my mp3 player this morning. MPR's member drive generally forces me to listen to my own collection as the Current lacks is normal awesomness. I put on some older Tool, The Offspring, No Doubt, Bush and the Stone Temple Pilots. It's bringing me back to my first years of high school. I just randomly chose 1996 and went with albums from that year. It's something I should do more often.

Enjoy the storm, if we get the full 8" tomorrow is going to be fun.