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Thoughts and Links 3/5 Edition

It's been a while since I posted one of these. The Internet is littered with great content, here is just a taste. Remember, you can always follow my shared items for more links.

  • The Big Picture has posted one of my favorite photo sets yet, Robots.
  • If you have a website and you Google Analytics, here is a guide detailing ways to find out too much about your readers.
  • NPR has a great site detailing the Presidents proposed budget.
  • An awesome poster for Photoshop shortcuts.
  • My friend Marissa is raising money for Habitat for Humanity, consider making it your cause for the month.
  • Emily shows you how to make a crappy day better with food complimented by beer.
  • Cheap Healthy Good writes about homemade pizza. I'm trying this sometime soon.
  • In another food related post, Lifehacker posts about bulk breakfast burritos. This will have to do until Chipotle gets their act together.
  • Spring in St. Paul, a photo. Which of course makes the waiting even more unbearable.
  • Over at the new MN blog, Duke writes about his encounter with a state legislator.
  • Fivethirtyeight interviews the representative from my native state. John Tester is an interesting guy.
  • Another amazing photo, this time of the blue winter sky of Minnesota.
  • Ryan Air is not exactly up to speed on the whole blogging thing.
  • I have nothing else to say except Bacon Stuffed Waffles

There you go, another list of links to keep you occupied while waiting for the weekend to get here. It's Friday tomorrow, and now you have a recipe for bacon stuffed waffles you can try on Saturday morning. How can the next 3 days get any better?