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On Leaving Burnsville

I get the keys to my new place next Thursday. I'm really excited for many reasons. One thing that I realized I kept going back to was the fact that I'm getting out of Burnsville. Anyone who I've talked to about my planned move in the last few months knows my dislike of this suburuban community, but I need to be sure to give it some props. There are a few good things, and I should give it some credit.

  1. Cub Foods and Target - I love the Cub and Target in Burnsville. Both stores are always well kept, clean, and stocked. Both stores are busy, but not too busy. I find the staff at both locations to be some of the best around. I'll miss the Cub down the street.
  2. The Caribou off Nicollet and Burnsville Parkway - This location has the coffee temperature right, the evening staff is nice, and they always ask if I need my travel mug rinsed out. They have great service, but need to serve French Roast more often.
  3. Red Lion Liquors - For a small liquor store this place rocks. The staff is knowledgable. They have a great beer selection, including a solid selection of local brews. Their wine selection is excellent to. I'm going to miss them, though I know there are great liquor stores in Minneapolis to. I
  4. Valley Natural Foods - My introduction to the world of co-ops. I didn't shop there nearly enough, but when I did I was always pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to The Wedge being within walking distance.
  5. The Atlantis movie theatre - This is a new theatre that was built and opened in the last year. It's not the greatest theatre in the cities, but it's really nice, and they let you get free refills on your soda regardless of the size. Someday they will open their bar and restaurant, which will make it a convienent one stop destination for unimaginative but fun date nights.

I will be posting a list of things I won't miss sometime next week. Also, don't expect a lot from me next week, I'll get a Where? up, but that's probably going to be the extent of my posting.