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I move into my own place next weekend. One of the things I'm most excited about is the fact I get to decorate the entire place with photos and art I like. I'm a big fan of photos. I have 2 of my own photos currently hanging in my bedroom and I love browsing Flickr and starring things I would like to have hanging in my own place. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do as far as sizes, location, and amount of artwork. I'll figure that out once I'm moved in. But in anticipation I did some browsing for pieces I will take into consideration.

First, I actually have a plan for each room in my apartment. For my bedroom I want to do cityscapes. I own a photo of Wrigley field with the Chicago skyline in the background that I love. I think I'll try and get three or four other photos of skylines of major cities for my room. I would love to take a shot on my own of Minneapolis or St. Paul to print and put up, but we'll see. I don't have much success when I try to take photos of the skyline. The bathroom won't have a theme, it just gets bathroom art. What bathroom art is, I don't know, but this and this are examples of it.

I'm not sure what will go in my entryway. That will come together sometimes later. My kitchen is food and drink of course. These three prints are current favorites.

I'm going to try and add two shots of drinks. Maybe some wine and beer shots.

My living room is going to be old and rustic buildings. There are a ton of these and I love them. I think part of it is the fact that I lived three miles from a ghost town growing up. Photos of old barns, houses, and other building always intrigue me.

Some others

Of course there are hundreds if not thousands of great pieces of art out there for me to choose from. Of course if someone wanted to buy one of these pieces for me, I would be extremely happy.