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Dissapointment Amidst a Great Week

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but there isn't a Where? this week. What happened? Well I moved, drank to much on Monday, and felt like crap all day Tuesday. On top of that I don't have an Internet connection at home yet so I can't dig through my archives from work. This means no Where? this week, but I promise a return next week, and it will be better than ever(maybe).

Even though I didn't get a Where? up I'm still sharing a few things with everyone. First, I'm trying to cook once again. After hardly touching a frying pan in months, I am attempting to cook myself meals on a daily basis. Last night I made tacos. Nothing too exciting, I did try out Doniree's tortilla recipe, which was good but not great. This wasn't because of the recipe but due to the fact I used whole wheat flour. I made beef taco meat and fresh guacamole. The tacos were good and definitely worth the effort.

Of course the best news is that Thursday is tomorrow The next four days are some of the best times of the year for a sports fan. Of course everyone knows March Madness starts tomorrow which is the one of the best sporting events of the year every year. I love the first two rounds because you never know what to expect. Too make things even better, there are two local angles. First the Gophers made the tournament. Second the NDSU Bison made it and are playing at the Metrodome. Now, I am a UND grad so I have a bit of a bias against these two teams, but I still wish them well.

On top of the NCAA basketball tournament kicking off, the best hockey tournament also comes to St. Paul this weekend. It's the WCHA Final Five, and the Fighting Sioux are scheduled to play on Friday night. They will be playing either the Golden Gophers or Duluth, depending on who wins the game on Thursday night. I'll be honest, I despise the Gophers, but I almost want them to win so I can see the Sioux beat them on Friday night. I won't be cheering for them out loud, but a little piece of me will be secretly happy if they score. I'll be at the game on Friday night and know the Sioux are not going to disappoint me like they did last year.