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Wednesday Where? #16

Here's a photo that will keep you guessing. I bet no one can figure out where this was taken.

So what do you think, any guesses. I'll give you one hint, it's located west of Minneapolis.

Ok, I'm kidding April Fools everyone. This photo was actually taken in Virginia City, Montana from Boot Hill. The real Where? is below, though it's a bit different than usual to.

This week I'm posting two photos that I took recently, but don't remember where I took them. I'm looking for help identifiying the location.

The first is a church somewhere west of Delano. I don't remember much about the town other than it has railroad tracks going through it. Also two highways cometogether here, the north/south highway turns into a city street and runs under a bridge after it crosses the east/west highway. The church is in the north half of town.

The second photo was taken off of Highway 13 west of Prior Lake. It was a frozen fountain near a small office building. It was outside of town but I can't remember the exact location.

Let me know if you have any ideas. I'm learning to write down the locations or take photos of street signs and such, but photos like these still slip through the cracks.